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Hi people who come across this. This isn't my main account.
I think I'm going to write my first entry with things that annoy me within lolita - starting with the EGL-Comm-Sales.

Issue #1: People need to learn how to read the fucking ad.

-Post a regular !DS along with the only items I would CONSIDER trading for, and some asshole decides to comment asking if they could trade my x for their y... I posted the items I would CONSIDER trading for, and you bring up this shit y?!

-I posted another !DS with shipping included within the price (and mentioned that for EVERY SINGLE ITEM) because people aren't going to read all of your terms at the top. Well, some girl decides to ask me how much shipping to 12345 (Schenectady, New York) is.
tell them it's $10. I just got $10 extra. I

-I wish sellers would post more than one photo of their item. I don't give a shit if you post a hellolace/lolibrary link. I want to see YOUR item not just stock photos!

-I wish sellers (within the US who are shipping to the US) would always buy tracking. Tracking is less than a $1. Is it really that big of a deal to get some extra protection?

-I wish sellers would PHOTO things like receipts when they don't use tracking. How else would I believe you actually shipped the said item?

-When people ask for a cheaper shipping method. I'm sorry, but if you want a flat rate priority mail to Quebec, it's gonna be $60 via USPS. Can't do anything about their rates!

-When people don't know the arrival time differences when it comes to first class, priority, and parcel post mail...

-When people complain to me that they're 2kg pair of shoes (they requested the cheapest shipping method) I mailed is taking more than 2 days to arrive... Parcel post, the cheapest shipping method for "heavier" items will take at least a week. First class (light items) - 3 days. Priority mail - 2 days.

-When people threaten negative feedback on something they did wrong...

-When people later tell me a DIFFERENT shipping address than their Paypal "verified/confirmed" address that they paid my invoice with... Sorry guys, I don't care if you're on vacation or living in a dorm away from home/your parents house. I'm going to ship to whatever address it says on Paypal!

-When people ask if item will fit a x bust and an x waist when I already have the measurements listed RIGHT NEXT TO THE ITEM. When people do this, I just lie and tell them it'll fit.

-When people ask me if I think the item I'm selling would look good with they're coord. Umm... Wtf? I've gotten a lot of these kinds of messages, and I always say yes so that they'll buy it.

-Post a !WTB ad and someone comments offering shit that I didn't even mention in my post...

-Post another !WTB and someone offers me a different colorway of the dress I wanted. I SAID I WANTED PINK NOT MINT. If I SAID I wanted mint, or any other color aside from pink, I would have mentioned it!

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